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Public Domain Clicks is fast becoming the nation’s top choice as a web service provider, We will help you kick start your online experience with a simply unrivaled suite of website tools, hosting solutions and applications.

We understand your needs

We understand that the World Wide Web is extremely competitive, with everyone desperately trying to get noticed. In order to be successful, you must stand out, and to stand out it takes something truly special.
At Public Domain Clicks we endeavor to make this a reality by offering you a varied range of unique web solutions. This will ensure that your solution is tailored directly to your needs and perfect for you. If you have any on-line issues at all then don’t worry, as we have a 24/7 support service available so that we can resolve any problems in an instant.

Who we work with

We work directly with enterprises and growing businesses worldwide. This enables us to design services that are recognizable, easy to use and easily integrated. It doesn’t matter what you require, with Public Domain Clicks you are guaranteed to receive a specialized service that suits your own personal needs.

Our specialized services include:

Website Hosting

Get your site online in a matter of minutes with our industry-leading hosting packages Website Hosting
Reseller Plains Domains Hosting & Lot More
Boost your profitability by selling your very own hosting plans. Reseller Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Also known as Cloud Servers, the VPS is a solution that gives you nearly full control over your server environment, allowing you to avoid the costs of hiring a dedicated server to host your website. VPS Hosting

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers allow you to have your own isolated server complete with powerful.
You will have a choice of Linux or Windows as an operating system. Linux has a further option called Cloud Linux Extension which is available to isolate each client on your server. This allows you to manage each of your clients separately.
The Linux dedicated server also has other available add-on including daily backups. Dedicated servers enable you as a customer to have complete control over your entire server configuration. Dedicated Server Hosting.

Domain Names

Purchase or transfer your addresses easily with our low cost domain name solutions. Domain Names


Private Registration

Protect yourself from spam, scams, and prying eyes.

Did you know that anytime you register a domain, your personal information is exposed 24 hours a day?


SSL Certificates

Protect your online communications with our ideal Secure Socket Layer applications. SSL Certificates









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