New Domain List-conti…

New Domains List-Continued

A-Z First Year On Sale*.limited .limited says you’re exclusive. $39.99*
.limo Get them there in style with .LIMO. $69.99*
.link Connect online with .link. $12.99
.loans Find more borrowers with .loans. $129.99*
.london Court 8 million shoppers with .LONDON. $7,999.99*
.maison Make .MAISON your new home online. $69.99*
.management Take charge with .MANAGEMENT. $24.99*
.marketing Promote your services with .MARKETING. $39.99*
.me A domain that’s all about YOU. $19.99
.media Attract an audience with .MEDIA. $39.99*
.mobi Give customers on-the-go access to your site. $14.99*
.moda .MODA says you love fashion. $59.99*
.moe .moe means passion in Japanese. $24.99
.nagoya Say konnichiwa to .nagoya. $16.99*
.navy Tell the world you support or serve in the .navy. $59.99*
.net The perfect complement to a .COM. $10.99*
.ninja Show off your .NINJA skills. $199.99*
.nyc .nyc is unmistakable. $39.99*
.okinawa Introduce yourself to .okinawa. $16.99*
.org Perfect for your non-profit. $12.99*
.partners Team up with .PARTNERS. $69.99*
.parts Sell .PARTS on the web. $39.99*
.photo Get a .photo that clicks with clients. $39.99*
.photography .PHOTOGRAPHY increases your exposure. $24.99*
.photos Sharpen your image with .PHOTOS. $24.99*
.pics Capture your story with .pics. $24.99
.pictures .PICTURES says it all. $14.99*
.pink Think .pink. $19.99*
.place Find your own .place on the web. $39.99*
.plumbing Keep your business flowing with .PLUMBING. $39.99*
.press Tell all with .press. $5,999.99*
.productions Lights, camera, .PRODUCTIONS! $39.99*
.properties Sell or rent with .PROPERTIES. $39.99*
.pub Tell ’em what’s on tap with .PUB. $39.99*
.qpon Bring shoppers in with a .qpon website. $19.99*
.recipes .RECIPES is where cooks gather online. $69.99*
.red Heat up your website with .red. $19.99*
.reisen Satisfy their wanderlust with .REISEN. $24.99*
.rentals Move your .RENTALS on the web. $39.99*
.repair Fix it with .REPAIR. $39.99*
.report Offer details with .REPORT. $24.99*
.republican Join the debate with .REPUBLICAN. $59.99*
.rest Find the perfect .REST domain name. $49.99*
.reviews Be the go-to source with .REVIEWS. $59.99*
.rocks Tell the world what moves you with .ROCKS. $59.99*
.rodeo Round ’em up online with .rodeo. $4,999.99*
.schule Call German students to class with .schule. $24.99*
.services Promote your .SERVICES on the web. $39.99*
.sexy Turn heads with .sexy. $24.99
.shiksha .shiksha spells learning for Hindi-speakers. $19.99*
.shoes Find the right fit with .SHOES. $39.99*
.singles Find the perfect match with .SINGLES $39.99*
.social Say hello with .SOCIAL. $59.99*
.solar The future looks bright for .SOLAR. $39.99*
.solutions They have problems. You have .SOLUTIONS. $24.99*
.supplies Keep the world stocked with .SUPPLIES. $24.99*
.supply Equip them with .SUPPLY. $24.99*
.support Offer help with .SUPPORT. $24.99*
.surf .Surf says you live for the perfect wave. $4,999.99*
.surgery Expand your practice with .surgery. $69.99*
.systems Develop a strong Web presence with .SYSTEMS. $24.99*
.tattoo Make your mark with .tattoo. $39.99
.tax Expand your .tax business. $69.99*
.technology .TECHNOLOGY is for the techie in you. $24.99*
.tienda Sell to Spanish-speaking customers with .TIENDA. $69.99*
.tips They have questions, .TIPS has answers. $24.99*
.today .TODAY delivers the latest news. $24.99*
.tokyo Court a world-class city with .tokyo. $16.99*
.tools Craft a strong web presence with the right .TOOLS. $39.99*
.town Be mayor of your own .TOWN. $39.99*
.toys .TOYS is the fun web address. $39.99*
.trade Build partnerships with .TRADE. $39.99*
.training Teach the world with .TRAINING. $39.99*
.university .UNIVERSITY is the place to learn. $69.99*
.uno .UNO says you’re #1. $19.99*
.us Get your hands on the all-American domain. $9.99
.vacations Sun and fun await at .VACATIONS. $39.99*
.vegas Reach tourists 24/7 with .vegas. $69.99*
.ventures Launch your next project with .VENTURES. $69.99*
.vet Tell the world you’re a vet. $59.99*
.viajes .VIAJES means travel. $69.99*
.villas Find more buyers or renters with .VILLAS. $69.99*
.vision Help them see clearly with .VISION. $39.99*
.vodka Neat or chilled, .vodka draws a crowd. $4,999.99*
.voyage .VOYAGE. Let the adventure begin! $69.99*
.watch Tune in or time out with .WATCH. $39.99*
.webcam .WEBCAM brings people together. $39.99*
.website .website is your home online. $499.99*
.wiki Share, collaborate and learn with .WIKI. $39.99*
.works .WORKS gets the job done. $39.99*
.ws An all-purpose website domain. $29.99
.wtf .wtf says “You HAVE to see this!” $39.99*
.xxx For all of your adult needs $99.99*
.xyz Find the perfect.XYZ domain name. $14.99*
.yokohama Make yourself at home in .yokohama. $16.99*
.zone Get in the .ZONE.         $39.99*
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