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Why Become a Public Domain Clicks Reseller?
The PDC reseller plan is an amazing product. Within minutes from the point of purchase, this product can be a complete, and functional, turnkey business. While, it also can be a supportive side venture that would complement and promote a current business. It is fairly safe to say, if your business provides an online presence service of any sort, you are leaving money on the table by not become an PDC Reseller.

What are other benefits for me being a Reseller?

What are the benefits you ask? Besides being a business owner and receiving additional income, your own online presence products. You also have the opportunity to set yourself, or others, as discount customers under your Reseller. This would greatly reduce overall costs if you, or they, had several domains, needed multiple hosting plans, etc.

Do I have to provide support to my clients?

You can provide partial support if you would like, or you can let Public Domain Clicks provide full, 24 hour support to your potential clients. The only thing that you would need to do to build your Reseller is to promote it. We will do the Heavy Lifting.

Free products to promote and run your new business.

Public Domain Clicks does everything it can to help your business grow. If you were to become an PDC Reseller, you will receive:
· Free Hosting
· Free SSL
· Free Email Marketing
· Free Sitelock (Maleware Scanner)
· Free Business Email
· Free Search Engine Visability (SEO Tool)
· Free Website Builder
The best part is that these products are free for the life of the PDC Reseller program.


What Support do you Receive?

Public Domain Clicks Resellers have the ability to decide how much, or how little, support they would like from Public Domain Clicks. You can either choose to manage everything for your clients or let Public Domain Clicks  24 hour support do the work of assisting and consulting your clients for you. In other words, you can simply use us as a medium to sell products for your clients, or you can sit back and let us maintain your business while you market your company and receive a check.



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