New Domains List

New Domains list

A-Z First Year On Sale
.academy Recruit students with .ACADEMY. $39.99*
.accountants .accountants make it all add up. $129.99*
.actor .ACTOR says you’re perfect for the part. $59.99*
.agency Let .AGENCY represent you online. $24.99*
.airforce Share your pride with .airforce. $59.99*
.army Show your stripes with .army. $59.99*
.asia Reach the growing Asian market. $19.99* $4.99*
.associates Team up with .ASSOCIATES. $39.99*
.attorney Make your case with .attorney. $4,999.99*
.audio Get a great-sounding .audio. $19.99
.bar Find the perfect .BAR domain name. $99.99*
.bargains Everyone loves .BARGAINS. $39.99*
.beer Three cheers for .beer. $4,999.99*
.bid Going once, going twice, .BID! $39.99*
.bike Join the ride with .BIKE. $39.99*
.biz A domain that means business. $12.99* $6.99*
.black Give your site effortless chic with .black. $59.99*
.blackfriday Share the year’s best deals with .blackfriday. $49.99
.blue Show your true colors with .blue. $19.99*
.boutique .BOUTIQUE says you’re exclusive. $39.99*
.builders Build your client base with .BUILDERS. $39.99*
.buzz Start a .BUZZ online. $49.99*
.ca The domain for Canada. $14.99
.cab .CAB will take you places. $39.99*
.camera Focus your website on .CAMERA. $39.99*
.camp .CAMP spells adventure. $39.99*
.capital Attract clients with .CAPITAL. $69.99*
.cards Get your hands on .CARDS. $39.99*
.care Heal the world with .care. $39.99*
.careers Put .CAREERS to work for you. $69.99*
.cash Bring them in with .cash. $39.99*
.catering Deliver delicious with .CATERING. $39.99*
.center Draw them in with .CENTER. $24.99*
.cheap Sell your savings with .CHEAP. $39.99*
.christmas Spread cheer year-round with .christmas. $39.99
.church Bring your .church together online. $39.99*
.city Speak to .city dwellers on the web. $25.99*
.claims Handle their .claims online. $69.99*
.cleaning Build a spotless reputation online with .CLEANING. $39.99*
.clinic Open your own .clinic on the web. $69.99*
.clothing .CLOTHING never goes out of style. $39.99*
.club Get organized with .CLUB. $14.99*
.co Global, credible and recognizable! $29.99 $9.99
.codes .CODES is your secret to online success. $69.99*
.coffee The world runs on .COFFEE. $39.99*
.com The most popular domain! Do you have yours? $9.99*
.community Build a .COMMUNITY online. $39.99*
.company .COMPANY says you’re in business. $24.99*
.computer Power up your business with .COMPUTER. $39.99*
.condos Move more units with .CONDOS. $69.99*
.construction Lay a solid foundation with .CONSTRUCTION. $39.99*
.consulting .CONSULTING says knowledge. $59.99*
.contractors .CONTRACTORS get the job done. $39.99*
.cooking What have you got .cooking? $4,999.99*
.cool Make sure your website is always .COOL. $39.99*
.country Keep it simple with .country. $4,999.99*
.credit Find more borrowers with .credit. $129.99*
.creditcard Get more .creditcard applications. $199.99*
.cruises Make waves online with .CRUISES. $69.99*
.dance Make your site move with .DANCE. $59.99*
.dating .DATING. Here’s to your happily ever after. $69.99*
.deals Sell more at your .deals website. $39.99*
.democrat .DEMOCRAT says you’re true blue. $59.99*
.dental Present a polished image with .dental. $69.99*
.diamonds Dazzle them with .DIAMONDS. $69.99*
.digital .digital is the place for downloads. $39.99*
.direct .direct means there’s no middleman. $39.99*
.directory .DIRECTORY means online listings. $24.99*
.discount Help shoppers pinch pennies with .discount. $39.99*
.domains The future looks bright for .DOMAINS. $39.99*
.education Hold class anywhere with .EDUCATION. $24.99*
.email .EMAIL delivers. $24.99*
.engineering .ENGINEERING solves problems. $69.99*
.enterprises Say you mean business with .ENTERPRISES. $39.99*
.equipment .EQUIPMENT says you’ve got the goods. $24.99*
.estate Plan ahead with .ESTATE. $39.99*
.events Sell more tickets with .EVENTS. $39.99*
.exchange Trade up to .EXCHANGE. $39.99*
.expert You have the answers. Share them with .EXPERT. $69.99*
.exposed .EXPOSED is sensational. $24.99*
.fail Make them laugh with .fail. $39.99*
.farm .FARM says you work the land. $39.99*
.finance Get a better rate of return with .finance. $69.99*
.financial .financial says you manage money. $69.99*
.fish Reel them in with .FISH. $39.99*
.fishing Catch more customers with .fishing. $4,999.99*
.fitness Pump up your business with .fitness. $39.99*
.flights Watch your business take off with .FLIGHTS. $69.99*
.florist Grow your business with .FLORIST. $39.99*
.foundation Improve the world with .FOUNDATION. $39.99*
.fund Increase your net worth with .fund. $69.99*
.furniture Make yourself at home online with .furniture. $69.99*
.futbol Score big with .FUTBOL. $59.99*
.gallery Open your own virtual .GALLERY. $24.99*
.gift Make someone’s day with a .gift. $24.99
.glass .GLASS. is the clear choice $39.99*
.global .global says you’re everywhere. $99.99*
.graphics Attract attention with .GRAPHICS. $24.99*
.gratis Generate goodwill with .gratis. $24.99*
.gripe Let them unload at .GRIPE. $39.99*
.guide Lead the way with .guide. $39.99*
.guitars Tune up your web presence with .guitars. $39.99
.guru Offer guidance with .GURU. $39.99*
.haus .HAUS tells Germans “welcome home.” $59.99*
.healthcare Share .healthcare on the web. $69.99*
.hiphop Express yourself with .hiphop. $24.99
.holdings Take stock in .HOLDINGS. $69.99*
.holiday .HOLIDAY says ‘Start packing’. $69.99*
.horse Saddle up for the web with .horse. $4,999.99*
.host .host is the ISP’s preferred choice. $5,999.99*
.house Build, inspect or sell with .HOUSE. $39.99*
.immobilien .IMMOBILIEN means real estate in German. $59.99*
.industries .INDUSTRIES says you produce. $39.99*
.info Put your information on the Web. $11.99*
.ink Find the perfect .INK domain name. $39.99*
.institute .INSTITUTE commands respect. $24.99*
.insure Sell more policies with .insure. $69.99*
.international Go global with .INTERNATIONAL. $24.99*
.investments Tell them you handle .investments. $129.99*
.juegos Everyone plays with .juegos. $19.99
.kaufen Sell to Germans online with .KAUFEN. $199.99*
.kim Claim your family name with .kim. $19.99*
.kitchen Mix up a masterpiece with .KITCHEN. $39.99*
.kiwi Score in New Zealand with .kiwi. $42.99*
.la Perfect for showing your local presence in Los Angeles! $39.99
.land Stake your claim with .LAND. $39.99*
.lawyer .lawyer says you know the law. $4,999.99*
.lease .LEASE your own space on the web. $69.99*
.life Keep it positive with .life. $39.99*
.lighting Spotlight what you do with .LIGHTING. $24.99*
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